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Earning Your Trust One Referral At a Time.

Building Relationships. Establishing Trust.

At DentalWorks USA, we pride ourselves on not trying to be all things to all people. We understand that Workers Compensation is big business and plenty of companies out there do it all.

We prefer to be highly customer focused in areas where specialized services are needed. Specifically, Dental and Specialty Doctor programs. Authenticity means we’re willing to be transparent with our customers. We believe that integrity must be a core value of our team.

Here are some examples of what we mean:

Do we make money on the services performed?

Yes we do. We are a for profit business, but we are routinely better priced than our competitors.

Do we add codes or modifiers that are not part of the services performed? Are we willing to prove it?

No we do not and yes we are willing to prove it. We call it “transparency in action”. Like an NFL football game, throw the challenge flag, and we will review the file and provide you notes and claims from the files showing all the services performed. We will not expose the provider pricing, that is proprietary.

If an adjuster is willing to coordinate care and handle the claim, are there providers out there that will provide direct services for less?

Absolutely. Like any free market where competition exists, shopping around can pay off. There are some risks; finding and credentialing providers, paying for non-compensable treatment, pre-payment requirements, coordinating multiple provider specialties, getting preferred appointment times, etc. It’s your companies money, if you feel the risks are mitigated and you have it under control….GO FOR IT! We’re here if you need us.



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