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Dental Can Be Complicated and Expensive.

Okay! We may be making fun of the evil witch losing her only two teeth in the poison apple, BUT around the water cooler most claims professionals are saying, “Much too often, we end up paying for a full mouth restoration when the injury really only affected a few teeth”

At DentalWorks USA, every single case is clinically reviewed by our staff to ensure the recommended treatment is appropriate with injury and pre-injury condition of the affected area.

We realize Dental claims do not occur with the same frequency as other Workers Compensation injuries. Many times claims professionals do not understand dental and allow injured workers to treat with personal or local providers. Many of these providers do not understand Workers’ Compensation. This is where over treatment and unnecessary services can occur.

All of our Care Coordinators at DentalWorks USA have clinical backgrounds in dentistry. We can educate claims professionals on the suggested treatment options and ensure superior outcomes are achieved.


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