DoctorWorks USA works much like our dental program. We are a nationwide, fully accredited, procedure and professional services network. We deliver highly focused, customer-centric specialty medical services in workers’ compensation.

DoctorWorks USA was created to meet the needs of specialty medical claims, those that are not considered mainstream workers’ compensation injuries. Finding providers for these injuries can be difficult at best, and many are unwilling to work directly with payers due to a lack of understanding about workers’ compensation.

DoctorWorks USA helps close the gap between providers and payers. We coordinate services with injured workers and manage the process from start to finish. Our services include locating and credentialing quality providers, educating providers on workers’ compensation requirements, coordinating appointments with injured workers and the practice, approving and authorizing treatment, paying providers for services rendered, and more.

Throughout the process, DoctorWorks USA provides timely updates to all stakeholders as treatment and appointments occur. Our network covers the entire continuum of care, with special emphasis on ENT, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Neurology and other specialties.